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Child Care Business Series

Payroll 101: Paying Yourself and Your Staff
Employees or Independent Contractors?

This workshop will cover the introduction to Payroll and Employment Taxes.  The IRS description of an Employee and Independent contractor.   The Minimum Wage Increase and your Profit Margin.   Payroll Service Companies and more!

Open for Business:  Child Care Contracts and Policies

This workshop includes a discussion and the importance of child care contracts and policies for your clients.  An overview of sample contracts and policies, with key terms needed for your documents.  Open for business and prepared with all the forms for the clients to review and sign. 

Open for Business: Where's the Money?
Mid-Year Financial Review

This workshop will include the importance of your Profit and Loss Statement.  We will review and examine Child Care Income Sources and Business Expenses (Deductions).  Also, How to market your child care program and More!

Too Busy for Business?
Child Care Record-Keeping and Tax Tips Workshop!

Do you have a bag of receipts for your Tax Preparer?
Do you need to create a monthly profit and loss statement? 
An update on tax rules for the business of child care
and more!

Family Child Care:  How to Start an In-Home Child Care

This workshop includes an overview of the State of Michigan's Family and Group Child Care application process.  The start-up materials and costs associated with the operation of a child care facility.  An overview of the business resources available for Family Child Care businesses.

Open for Business:  Mission, Management and Money

This workshop will include the business of child care in the 21st century.  Exploring your mission statement and business practices.   Business Management and your Staff.  Do you have a Profit and Loss Statement?

Family Child Care: Sole Proprietorship or LLC?
This workshop includes an overview of the family child care business structure. The importance of investing in auto, home, property and business liability insurances.  Open for business and the risks associated with the business.  Payroll for your Staff and More!


"Teaching the Business
of Child Care"


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